WordPress Hosting or Shared Hosting which I will prefer


When starting a new website, the most important thing to consider is to choose the perfect type of hosting. You know, not all the types of hosting are suitable for you. But the problem is how you will select the type of hosting that best suit you.

Well, to solve your problem, I am going to create a comparison of two basic and most used hosting type which are WordPress Hosting and Shared Hosting.

At a glance

Before going to start the comparison, let me provide you a short overview of shared hosting and WordPress hosting.

The shared hosting is the most used as well as popular hosting among the smaller website owner. The reason for this popularity is its affordable price and easy setup. If you have a website that does not need a huge amount of server customization or resources then shared hosting is the best for you.

On the other hand, the WordPress hosting is popular for its higher security, higher speed, and higher reliability. This hosting allows you to concentrate on your content. All the technical issues will be handled by the host. But the problem is that the WordPress hosting is designed only for those websites that use the WordPress content management system.

Now let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting and WordPress hosting.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

The first advantage that makes the shared hosting most common is its price. Unlike any other hosting, include WordPress hosting, this shared hosting is relatively much cheaper. You know, not everyone has the ability to invest a vast amount of money on hosting.

Do you think the affordability is the main advantage of shared hosting?

Not at all.

The second but the main advantage of shared hosting is its amazing features. For example, some shared hosting offers you unlimited storage. That means no matter how big your website is, you can store it in your shared hosting.

Moreover, unlike the WordPress hosting that is only designed for WordPress content management system, the shared hosting enables you to use any CMS you want such as Magento, Drupal, or a tool like the DreamWeaver. The shared hosting will support all of these CMS.

The advantages of WordPress Hosting

Probably you know how much popular the WordPress content management system is. It is the most popular CMS in the world right now. And since the WordPress hosting is only designed for the WordPress content management system, it is highly compatible with this CMS.

As a result, the server can be optimized to allow the highest speed and stability with the advanced caching. This enables your users to enjoy the content in the best way and you know user experience is the thing that is liked by the Google very much. That means with the speed and good user experience you will achieve a good rank in the search page.

In addition, in order to successfully run a website, you have to keep all the software of your site up to date to ensure the highest security and new features. However, do you think it is an easy task for you? You have a lot of other tasks to do to run your website. In that case, the WordPress hosting offers automatic update all the features as well as software.

Furthermore, you don’t know what will happen to your website I mean anything bad can happen to your website anytime. That is why it is always recommended keeping a backup of your website all the time. But it is not possible for all time to keep the backup of all the files. Here, the WordPress hosting offers free backup. That means no matter what happens to your website, you will always be in peace since you know you have a backup of all files.

Now let’s check out the disadvantages

The disadvantages of shared hosting

Since the shared hosting has the ability to host multiple websites in a single hosting, it can affect your website in a long run. How?

Well, think about it. The hosting hosts several websites including yours and all the other websites have a good amount of resources. Don’t you think this will limit your resources to the website? And when you will get a good amount of visitors, you will see the effects. Your website will take a long time to load and sometimes it will become completely unresponsive due to its shared resources. This will result in a rank drop of your site.

Another problem of shared hosting is its security issue. Since the hosting hosts a lot of websites, it is quite impossible to ensure that all the security updates, as well as maintenance, has been running across all the websites. This is really a potential security thread for your website since you have no ability to control other website’s CMS or security.

Along with these, the shared hosting does not allow you to customize the server since it will affect other’s websites. As a result, you have to use the default server setting all the time.

The disadvantages of WordPress hosting

The first disadvantage of this hosting is that it is only designed for WordPress CMS. That means you cannot use the hosting if you use any other CMS.

Other than that, due to its server configuration, you cannot use any unlimited disc space rather you will get a restricted disc space. Additionally, you cannot host more than one site in the hosting. It is definitely a disadvantage of WordPress hosting especially if you have a large website.

Like the shared hosting, you cannot customize the server as well. The reason is that the server is customized to ensure the highest speed. And the last problem is its price. It is relatively more expensive.

Final verdict: which one will I prefer?

Now we have come to our ultimate question. Actually, it depends on your site.

If you have a limited budget, want to grow your business slowly and want to use different CMS (though you can use WordPress also) then shared hosting is perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you want less trouble maintaining your website, want to focus on content, want high speed, have a medium sized business or online shop, and of course using WordPress CMS then you can choose the WordPress hosting.

Now only you know your need. The decision is yours.