Why WordPress is the Best CMS

Nowadays, almost everyone has a website, no matter it is personal or business or any other types of websites. The reason behind this is that it becomes so easy to create a website. Thanks to the WordPress, the best content management system (CMS).

The WordPress CMS is perfect for creating blogging or any other e-commerce website. It is free, easy to customize and very simple to use. Other than that, there are a lot of reasons that make the WordPress best CMS. Here are some main reasons why WordPress is the best CMS.

It’s free

One of the biggest plus points of WordPress is that it is completely free and open to anyone. That means you can use it and check how is it without spending any money. Other than that, most of the people don’t know how to design a website. But the good news is that WordPress offers a lot of themes as well as plugins completely free. However, you can buy advanced themes and plugins as well.

WordPress is Beginner friendly

When you start anything new, it is very common that you will be a little bit tensed. But when it comes using a new software it becomes more intimidating. Now think about it that when you want to create a new website how will your feeling be? I am sure it will be terrible. But WordPress makes it so easy that anyone who has zero knowledge on creating a website can use this CMS.

Even you do not have to know any kind of coding to create or design the website. Additionally, the dashboard for the admin is so simple you can easily understand everything. Moreover, updating all the software or setting up the software or even managing the software is not difficult at all.

What about an expert? Well, if you are expert then there will be no alternative to WordPress as well. This CMS is designed in such a way that an expert can customize it whatever way he wants.

SEO friendly

Google is the main source of traffic for almost every websites in the world. So rank in Google search result is very much important as well. The WordPress helps to optimize your site properly so that it can rank higher. For example:

Perfect HTML markup

Though the WordPress is written in PHP mostly, the WordPress creates some of its pages in HTML that is quite easily understood by the Google. Even some of the advanced themes of WordPress like Genesis start taking benefits of HTML5 and its improvement.

SEO-friendly permalink

The WordPress offer its users to create so-called SEO-friendly permalink that has a little bit impact on SEO. The permalinks that contain main keywords that help the users as well as the search engine to understand what is the content all about.

The title, headings, and tags

The title, heading, and tags have a great impact on search ranking. These are things that mainly help the search engine understand what your content all about is. The good thing is that WordPress enables its users to set up all those things without writing any kind of codes.

Optimized image

WordPress enables its users to use images, videos, and other media. Other than that, the WordPress editor allows its user to optimize all those media with the description, ALT tags and many more.

Easy content creation

Thanks to WordPress, it allows us to create contents in a very simple way. We do not need any coding to write content or add multimedia.

Responsive design

In the recent change of the Google algorithm, the websites that are not mobile friendly cannot rank higher. But the WordPress offers its users to create mobile-friendly, responsive website without any programing language.

Plenty of themes and plugins

There is only CMS in the world that offers that huge amount and types of themes as well as plugins. Additionally, most of them are free to use. With all these themes and plugins you can design your website in whatever way you want like a professional. You will get the plugins and themes based on your demand.

The plugins will help you add functionality to your website. Also, the developer of these plugins are so active and keep the plugins up to date so that you can follow the current trend.


No matter you are running a personal blog or a large website, you will always want security for your site. The WordPress is considered one of the best secure CMS. And it updates its security consistently. If you are not happy with that, you can also add some plugins in order to enhance your security. There are plenty of plugins available to enhance your security. Some are free and some are premium.

Large community

Almost 50% of the people use WordPress CMS to create their website. So you can easily imagine how big the community is. And guess what? The community has been increasing day by day. So no matter what your problem is, you will most probably get support from the community.

Social media support

Though organic traffic is the thing we want, but never underestimate the power of social media, especially nowadays nothing can go viral without social media. So it is a great idea to integrate social sharing into your website. WordPress allows you multiple options to integrate social media sharing by which you can get a huge amount of traffic. The more people share your content, the more traffic you will get and the higher your site rank will be.

Now you tell me, is there any better CMS than WordPress? Actually, there is none. There is no other CMS that can offer so many options like WordPress. It offers flexibility, more functionality, more support without any cost. So definitely, we can say by closing our eyes that WordPress is the best CMS in the world.