Reasons You Need a Custom Email Address

Tell me one thing. If you are searching for a heart specialist doctor and find out two emails to contact with which are and, which one do you prefer?

I am sure you will choose the second one. The reason is that it looks more professional and authentic. Almost 65% of users believe that a company with branded email has more credibility than the company that has no branded email, according to VERISIGN.

That means a custom email will enhance your credibility as well as professionalism. Other than that there are some other reasons to have a custom email for your website. Here are the reasons.


Yahoo, Gmail looks unprofessional

Maybe you are thinking that why you will use a custom domain when you can get a free Yahoo or Gmail email. But, as I previously mentioned, a business email like or looks very much unprofessional to an email like A branded business email makes your company look more professional to your audience and provide them with a good positive impression as well.

You are paying for this

Yes, it is true. When you purchase a domain for your business you purchase a custom email address as well. That means it costs nothing. So why won’t you use custom branded mail address? Right?

It gives a great first impression

A branded email address shows the entire world that the company you own is professional as well as established. It gives a good positive first impression to other and you know it is very important for your business. When you use a free email address, people will think that the company is running a trial, or it is not established yet, or even you are not a company.

It looks authentic

When you have a professional branded email address, people will trust your company and as a result, they will communicate with you for their need. You know, scammer exists in the world. So people will feel discomfort when you have a non-branded email address. Who knows, you are a scammer! So having a branded email address increase credibility.


A branded email makes it simpler for your audience to communicate `with you and at the same time remember your email address. As long as they remember your domain name, they will remember your mail address as well. But when you have a non-branded email, it will be difficult for people to trust you and communicate with you.


With the branded email, you can customize your email address based on your need. For example, if you have a business that has different departments, you will have to need a different email address. In addition, if you have some new employee in your business you will need emails for those employees as well. In those cases, there is no alternative to branded email. You can add as many emails as you can, based on your need.

When you have branded email address, you can create, or, and more. On the other hand, if you create a free email in series like or, it will look unprofessional as well as ridiculous. Isn’t it?


You know, now there is no one who does not have an email address. Using a custom email address will make yourself look more professional and expert in your field. Other than that, it will make you credible to others and enhance your brand awareness which can make you a leader in your field.

Promote brand by itself

Branding is the most important thing for your business. A brand is something by which you will be recognized. For example, apple, the largest brand in the world. Now think about it that if a company like the Apple send an email to you using free email, for example,, how will it look like? Will it represent the brand?  Of course not, right?

When you send an email from your branded email address, the email address promote your brand by itself. And the good thing is that every time you send an email, every time it will promote your brand. On the other hand, when you send any business email with a free email address like Yahoo or Gmail, you will promote others brand.

So it is really a great idea to use custom brand email when sending a business email.


The biggest advantage of a branded email address is that you can control the email by yourself. Just imagine, one of your employees take leave from your company with his personal email address. What will you do? Even what can you do? Nothing. You will lose all of your necessary documents with that email.

Again, what if Gmail or Yahoo suspends your email address? What can you do? No matter why they suspend your email address, you will lose all your information, message and the necessary documents as well. Can you imagine what will be the situation of your company? I am sure you can.

On the other hand, if you use a branded custom email address, you will be able to redirect the mail address to the newly hired employee. Also, since you are the owner of your branded email, there is no chance that someone will suspend your email address.

Now tell me, what have you understood? Do you need more reasons to use a custom email? If you are a business owner and want to create your brand, brand credibility, trust and most importantly control your email then you should and I say you must take a custom email address.